I realize that I rarely really rant on this blog. I piss and moan a lot but I don’t usually let it rip. This time I’m pissed so if you don’t want to read anymore foul language leave now.

I’ll try to be brief so here are the facts:

Ex #2 owes over $12k in child support arrears.
I have carried this debt for two years.
The arrears are reported on his credit report each month.
Last year we went to a lawyer and drew up a list of work he would do on my house in exchange for me writing off the debt.
The work he agreed to hardly comes to that amount, maybe half, but I need the work done. I can’t afford to hire another contractor and we have worked hard to get along.
This past spring he replaced my sump pump. It took him 10 hours. He also removed the overhead light from daughter’s room. Last week he removed the overhead light from my room. He has not replaced either of them.
I wasn’t expecting him to finish the electrical work (he’s an electrician) until this winter when he knew he would be laid off. He is now laid off.
When he removed my broken light he said he would finish the work this past week.
Nothing happened.
Last night he called me up and told me that he was going to be taking me to court to have the arrears removed and to lower his monthly child support payments.
I have full legal and physical custody.
He says he is not going to complete the work he agreed to do and that I should hire someone if I can afford it.

Those are the facts. He’s an ass. I don’t think he will be able to reduce the arrears. I don’t think he will be able to lower his child support obligation. He may be able to temporarily while he is not working but since he is making more money collecting unemployment and working cash jobs it seems unlikely. Of course they are cash jobs and thus there is no paper trail. The people he works for are all friends, people I used to be friends with but because they are contractors he got them in the divorce. I do not want to involve these people if I don’t have to.

I’m pissed that he is being a jackoff but I’m not surprised. We are divorced for a reason. I’m pissed because I have no fucking lights! This wasn’t such a problem in the summer but it gets dark at 4:30 pm for crying out loud. I can’t afford to hire another electrician right now, especially if I have to hire an attorney to fight him over the child support issue.

What I am most pissed off about is that he spent Thanksgiving with us. We seemed to be friends. I’m also pissed that I ever got involved with such an idiot and that I trusted him again. I feel played all over again. And I have no stinkin’ lights!