I’m having my cookie sale in about a week, something I have been doing for years but never online before. I’m going to give it a try online this year too. I need 5 to 10 people who want to try my cookies, bourbon balls, and fudge, and if you like them write a quick post about them.

I’ll mail a sample pack to whomever wants to sample them on Monday.

These are awesome cookies which I have sent to Australia, England and all over the US in past years. I made five dozen last night and they are all gone already. The boy invited friends over when he smelled them baking and ex#2 grabbed a few handfuls when he tried to fix my phone. I only had two cookies. Really.

These are my grandmother’s recipes which I have finagled a little here and there over the years. There is nothing low calorie, gluten free, or remotely healthy about these cookies unless you consider bliss healthful. Which I do.

I use nuts (walnuts, pecans and almonds), no peanuts but often these nuts are packaged where peanuts have been used and are not considered allergy free so please keep that in mind.

I also use real Bourbon in the Bourbon Balls so those are not for kids. Grandma liked to cook with booze, what can I say? She was an awesome cook. I guess being half in the bag allowed her to be a little adventurous when cooking.

If you want to try a free sample of these fantastic cookies please leave a comment and I will contact you about where to send them.  For the samples I am only sending them within the US, sorry.

Thanks and I promise these are worth the time on the Stairmaster.