That is precisely what Pope Benedict told his priests. He wants them to embrace the new technology and get the good word out.

I’m pretty sure he meant “For God’s sake, blog!” as in “let’s get out there and blog for God”, rather than “For God sake, blog!” as in “if you priests want to hook up with some young boys get on the god damn internet”.

I’m almost certain that is what he meant.

I could be wrong but I am pretty sure there are already a lot of people praising God in their blogs. I know I pass by several. Of course I leave as quickly as I can so no one tries to save me.

Just what are these priests going to talk about in their blogs?

“Today I did a little calligraphy and then I prayed.  Father John has got to get himself some Altoids if he is going to continue to sit next to me during prayer. I can’t summon the right amount of contemplation and praise when all I can think about is getting away from his dog ass breath.” -Father Mike


“I can’t believe my DB (dear brother), he is so silly sometimes. Today he lost his glasses and was getting angry when he couldn’t find them. I told him to look on his night stand because he was reading last night before he went to sleep. He didn’t want to hear what I had to say. He doesn’t take me seriously anymore. We used to have so much fun together but now all he wants to do is read or watch Highway to Heaven reruns. He never pays any attention to me anymore. I bought a new cassock the other day and he didn’t even notice it. I am so irritated with him. He is just lucky I am such a nice person or I would tell him to find his own glasses.” -Father Bruce


“I know I haven’t been posting much lately. I just can’t seem to find anything to write about. Dan Brown needs to write another book or something. I promise I will post as soon as something exciting happens.” – Father James


“I just learned that one of my congregants is suffering from mesothelioma. I suggested he call a good lawyer because he needs to be sure that his rights are protected. He wasn’t interested in hiring a lawyer since he only had a week or two to live. So instead I told him about this great new thing called Forex Trading. For some reason he got up and left without saying anything. Luckily, I have his email address.” – Father Paul


“Little Bobby has been helping me after mass lately. He is such a mature boy even though he is only 7. I gave him a little taste of the wine after the service today. He really seemed to like it. I told him not to tell his parents I gave him the wine. I told him that it is our little secret and that I only give wine to boys who don’t tell their parents. He agreed not to tell. Tomorrow I am going to see if he wants to watch some super secret movies with me.” -Father Tim

I already know that when the Rapture happens, I’m getting left behind.