My ex husband has been helping me with some work at my house. Before he left yesterday I asked him if he could help me hook up my grill. The grill had originally been at the cabin but my brother and I played musical grills and I ended up with the cabin grill. At the cabin it was hooked up to the house rather than a small tank of propane.

Because of the change in hook up I needed a regulator which I purchased last fall when we switched around the grills. I couldn’t unscrew one of the connectors and had frankly forgotten about it until recently. I figured a big strong man like my ex could easily unscrew the connector and hook up the regulator. I probably could have done it myself but I really enjoy having him do these kinds of things and he seems to like being needed still.

Indeed he was able to remove the connector easily but the regulator had a different size fitting on it which I did not have. He told me to get a male connector with a female on the other end. I also needed a piece with two male ends. He said he would be happy to connect it if I got the right pieces. He started to explain what made them male or female. He noticed I had that look on my face that he saw whenever he was talking to me like I was an idiot.

I was heading off to the hardware store today and wanted to make sure I was getting the right pieces. I texted him this message.

“Heading off to the hardware store, I need to get a double ended dildo and a strap-on right?”

So far he has not replied to my text.