This day started out so promising. I woke up early, and refreshed (which never happens), so I grabbed a cup of coffee and decided to jump on the computer before anyone else was awake. I woke at 5am so I had another hour and a half before anyone else was likely to stir.

I stopped at a few websites and in my visits I stopped over at Daisy’s blog and she had a riddle. I guessed the correct answer and thought to myself this is a good sign for the rest of the day.

I’ll take where ever I can get ’em.

Eventually the kids woke up, ate breakfast and started to head off to school. The boy wanted to use my car since he had a robotics meeting after school. He likes my car better than the truck that he is supposed to be driving. The truck has had some problems lately and it was low, very low, on gas. So I said he could take my car and I would use the truck.

It was very cold this morning so instead of walking the girls to school I was going to drive them. I needed to stop at the post office to get some boxes so I could send out my holiday treat samples to everyone.

Because we were driving to school we didn’t need to leave until a few minutes before the bell rang. Daughter had been up and wanted to play outside with Stanley which seemed fine to me since that way she would already be dressed in snow pants, hat, mittens and coat. I could just grab her on the way out.

As I am walking out to the car I realize I can’t find my key to the truck. I couldn’t find the key because I had left it in my car. The car my son had at school.

The bell was going to ring in three minutes.

I quickly called my neighbor to ask if I could borrow her car to take the kids to school and to also go and grab my keys out of the car that my son had. No problem she said. I have the most wonderful neighbors in the world.

I drop off the kids and head up to the boy’s high school. Only seniors can park in the lot, everyone else has to park on the street. My son goes to a rather large public school which sits on the edge of a golf course.

Where the hell was my car?

I thought I could text him to ask where he had parked but I wasn’t driving my car and didn’t want to risk getting in an accident. I drove around the school and the golf course looking for it.

Eventually I found it and grabbed the key. I hurried back to the house to drop off the neighbors car and stopped in my own house to grab my purse which I had forgotten earlier.

I was greeted by a very guilty looking Stanley.

The daughter had left her Advent Calender, which happened  have a chocolate candy in each window, on the coffee table.

Stanley ripped the calender to shreds to get at the candy.

I often wonder what kind of anxiety dogs have when they are left with the remains of whatever it is they have chewed and their master hasn’t arrived home yet.

Do they just sit there looking at the mess, the evidence, and think to themselves:

“Well, I’ve done it this time. She is going to be mad at me. Too bad I don’t have thumbs or I’d clean it up and she’d never have to know about it. Why didn’t I think about that before I ate the candy? Now I’m busted and there isn’t a thing I can do about it but sit here and look pathetic.”

(I know dogs aren’t supposed to have chocolate)

So I cleaned up the mess. Told Stanley he was bad but he had already forgotten what he had done.

I then grabbed my coat and headed out the door to go to the post office.

The truck wouldn’t start.

I just had it fixed last week. Some battery problem that they said was taken care of with a new connection doo-hicky-thingie.

I got the charger out of the garage and hooked it up to the car. Something I had been doing for the last several months due the doo-hicky-thingie problem.

I wasn’t paying attention and hooked the battery up wrong.

Black on red and red on black.

Way Wrong.

Luckily the truck did not start on fire or explode. I switched the connections and let it sit there for a half hour. It fired right up but now the light doesn’t work under the hood. It’s probably the bulb.

I go to the post office to pick up the boxes. The first post office doesn’t have any. The second post office only has two. The third one has four which was just what I needed.

It’s 11am now and so far I haven’t gotten a damn thing accomplished.

I go home to start packing up the sample boxes. I hadn’t noticed before I went to the post office that on the six boxes I did have my daughter had drawn all over.

At this point I don’t care. They are getting used.

I have no packaging material I realize so I use zip loc bags and paper napkins. Nothing Christmasy or holiday themed. I did manage to find some Christmas cards though none had envelopes anymore because daughter liked the color of them and used them to write letters to the reindeer.

I need a Sharpie to write the addresses of everyone. Regular pens never work on boxes and markers always smear. I usually have a dozen or more Sharpies around but not today.

I found one, under my daughter’s bed. Luckily a black one but the tip had been smushed to where it was no longer sharp. The packages weren’t large enough to use such a large tipped pen but I used it anyway. The only other alternative was to use a yellow Sharpie and the post man would not like that.

So, I have sent out all the sample holiday treat packs. The packaging stinks and the cookies will probably break during their journey.

I don’t care anymore.

What was I thinking? I have thumbs, this should not be happening.

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