Ten years ago I lived in Seattle for about a year. We had just moved there in the fall of ’98. I worked at a dotcom that is long gone. I lived on Bainbridge Island with my son and second ex husband though we hadn’t gotten married at that point. I took the ferry from the island ever day to go to work. I walked about ten blocks from the ferry to my office in the rain balancing my Starbucks with my other bags and unused umbrella. The rain was like someone spitting at you. Not heavy enough to warrant the use of the umbrella but you’d get wet just the same. I was usually in a foul mood making this dash in the rain to get to the office on time.

One of the bright spots of this walk was walking by the Lusty Lady and looking at their marquee. The Lusty Lady is a gentleman’s establishment more commonly known as a peep show. The marquees were so clever and funny and they changed frequently so there was always something to look forward to.

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