My son and I went out for our second round at the DMV today. Son passed and is now legal to drive with someone 18 or older. I offered him the keys when we left but he passed. He thought he would be better served if his instructor taught him how to drive. I figured he would say this which is why I offered the keys. He has never actually driven a car yet. I would have let him drive if he wanted to even though my car is only a year old. Two days after I bought the car someone pulled a Starskey and Hutch move and rolled or walked across the hood of my car, a couple of weeks later a tree fell on the back hatch. My deductible it higher than the cost to repair. I was hoping to take advantage of my son’s non existent driving skills.

While at the DMV I changed the address on my license. I was expecting to have to have my picture taken again. I had hoped I would have to get my picture taken again. No dice. I’m stuck with a picture of me postpartum, fat and tired for the next three years.