My daughter is nearly six and she has informed me that she wants an Elmo Live doll. Elmo tells jokes and sings and does all sorts of annoying things. I do not want to get this doll because she will likely play with it for a very short time and if it is like the Elmo dolls of the past I will have to search many stores real and online if I want to get one.

“Aren’t Elmo dolls baby toys?” I asked.

“Yes” she said.

“I thought you didn’t like baby toys anymore?”

“I don’t but this one is special”


She can’t write yet but she managed to make her Christmas list by going through the Sunday ads and cutting out the pictures of toys she wants and pasting them on a sheet of construction paper. In addition to Elmo she wants a Godiva teddy bear, a plastic tea party set, an eco friendly moose, (it looks more like a dog toy to me and she may have been thinking of Stanley) a High School Musical Bear and interestingly a faux-fur trapper hat, the kind that duck hunters or Elmer Fudd wear.

I’m not sure if this was the butter Santa up toy, you know the one. The toy we all ask for that is practical and useful. Usually socks, underwear or other clothing garments. We don’t really want it but we figure Santa will get us what we want if we demonstrate to him that we have common sense and aren’t all about frivolity. I’m pretty sure I asked for a dress for church when I was a kid. I hated dresses as much as I hated church so I thought it was an extra good butter up present.

I’m not sure if Santa is going to bring the Elmo doll. My daughter has the attention span of a gnat and its still several weeks before the big day. She will probably change her mind many times before Christmas. I know she isn’t getting the faux-fur trapper hat since it costs $49.50. Maybe another knit scarf?