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The jury has come back with a not guilty verdict on the death of Caylee Marie Anthony which means Casey Anthony will probably be released from jail as early as Thursday. Casey Anthony was found guilty on four counts of lying to a police officer but with the time she has served already waiting for this trial it isn’t likely she will serve anymore for those guilty verdicts.

Is this OJ all over again? Did Casey Anthony get away with murder? That seems to be the general consensus among people outside the courthouse in Florida.

I’m not sure what to make of this. I have been caught up in this trial more than I would like to admit. I was also caught up in the OJ trial and maybe that is why I am not as surprised that the jury found Casey not guilty.

I didn’t think the state made their case, there was just too much reasonable doubt. I don’t doubt that Casey Anthony had something to do with her daughter Caylee’s death but I was not convinced by the state that she murdered her with intent. I suspect her death was an accident, though not in the swimming pool as Jose Baez alleged. And, I doubt George Anthony knew anything about it.

I can’t imagine a parent that would drug their child up and possibly store her in the trunk of the car while out partying, though that seems to be the opinion of what happened.

I suspect we will never know what happened to little Caylee.

Whatever happens, Casey Anthony cannot be charged with the murder of her daughter again. If Casey Anthony were to confess to the murder of her daughter Caylee there is nothing the law could do to her, she would effectively get away with murder because of double jeopardy.



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