It’s Monday and I have a question that I must find the answer to: Why do stores such as Walgreen’s and CVS put razor blades in locked display cases? I don’t get this. I can buy condoms, personal lubricants, I can by all sorts of medications, I can purchase $30.00 exfoliating cream but I have to get an assistant (or “team member”, that’s a later rant) with a key for razor blades? Not the straight edge old fashioned kind of razor blades, the kind that could be confused with a weapon of some sort, but a triple blade in a cartridge kind that can only hurt me if I run it over the back of my knee too quickly. And that isn’t the kind of hurt that is going to have me calling 911. I can buy everything to commit a crime against a person including the chemicals to clean it up so the CSI team can’t test the trace evidence but I can’t buy a refill for my Gillette. And why are they so expensive? Are these diamond edged razors? No. They aren’t even a whole razor, just three tiny strips of one razor. Is there a black market of razor blades that I am unaware of? Were people stealing these cartridges and putting them on eBay? Can I buy them in a back alley? It’s a mystery to me.