Ah, the end of the year — there is little news. Government has all but gone home for the holidays (making our government actually way more efficient) and all the 24 hour newscasts have nothing to report on except which words we want to ban, are overused or most annoying (twerking wins hands down in my book).

Since there is little else going on the world to talk about we have these great end of the year lists:

If you still watch TV there is this list of Best TV of 2013 from Huffington Post. I don’t watch much TV anymore so most of these shows I haven’t watched. They don’t have the two shows that in my opinion are the best, Walking Dead and Big Bang Theory, but that might just be because they are too busy watching BBC. The list probably should have been called Best of BBC TV Shown in the US.

Looking for a good book but none of your friends read anymore so they can’t actually recommend one to you? Then check out Goodreads Best Books of 2013. There are some wonderful books on this list. I have many of them sitting on my nightstand for months now. I’ll get to them one of these days.

If you’re looking for a movie then the go to place is IMDb. When watching a movie at home I have my iPad on my lap and have IMDb open so I can find all the bloopers, see who is in the movie and what other movies they have been in. Sure, I don’t get much out of the movie I’m watching but that’s ok. I’m hoping the movie theaters will figure out a way to incorporate IMDb into the movie going experience. If I have to pay $7 for popcorn I’d really like my IMDb. Here is there list of best movies for 2013. I’ve seen the top two and they are both fantastic movies.

Worst movies of the year? You’ll want to see Rotten Tomatoes list of worst movies for 2013. After Earth tops the list and I wholeheartedly agree. God, it looked good in the trailer! What a disappointment. And what the hell was that weird accent Will Smith had through parts of the movie? It was almost like Kevin Costner’s British accent in Robin Hood.

And finally the worst words and phrases of 2013 from Time. I have to admit I don’t know some of these. WTH is FOMO? I’m not going to bother to look it up if it’s already getting banned but clearly I’m not on top of pop culture these days. I still, and forever will, overuse the word awesome because I came of age in the 80s.

What are your best and worst of 2013?


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