I don’t know if it was the Holiday on Monday or if it is because I have had sick kids but this week is fucked up. I don’t have any idea what day it is. Which means I will probably miss the garbage man this week.

Where the hell is everyone? No one seems to be online. My stats are way down. Has anyone else noticed this?

Have any of you (if there is anyone out there) tried Trader Joe’s Oreo type cookies? I think they are called Joe Joes. They are awesome! A million times better than Oreos and less expensive too. The cream filling isn’t all hard and chalky, it actually oozes out a little if you squish the cookie. (Trader Joe’s has not offered to pay me for this glowing review of their awesomely yummy cookie but if they did I’d be happy to accept).

From the Department of No Duh, John Edwards finally admits that baby Quinn is his child. She was conceived after Elizabeth Edwards announced she had cancer again and that it was terminal. What an absolute butthead John Edwards is.

Conan O’Brien’s last Tonight Show will be tomorrow night. NBC is paying him $32 million to go away. His staff was given $12 million in severance pay. I didn’t really watch the Tonight Show until all this mess broke out and then I started watching it because the guests and Conan just let it all loose. I think they were drunk most of the time. I have no plans to watch Leno. Now that Conan has all that money wouldn’t it be nice if he donated a million or two to the relief efforts in Haiti? Or to me, that would work too.

I have moved my Kids of Queers blog to kidsofqueers.com. I still have the old blogspot blog up but if you have it in your bookmarks please change it as I will be taking it down as soon as I find a theme that works for me. Currently I am using the standard WordPress theme and it sucks. I have updated it however so go and take a look. I’ll be moving all the widgets and my blogroll over there as well so if you want to be on that blogroll please leave a comment over there.