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National Talk Like A Pirate Day – September 19th, 2013

September 19, 2013
National Talk Like a Pirate Day Logo

Today be National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Every year I’ve found out about this blessed event too late t’ partake in any festivities. Not this year. This year I’m talkin’ like a pirate all day long…Argh!

T’ help you celebrate this wonderful holiday I’ve rounded up a bunch o’ great pirate links for you scallywags. I have an iPhone but most be available for Android and other smartphones.

Want to change your Facebook Settings to Pirate? Login to Facebook => General Account Settings => Language => English (Pirate).

Free Pirate Booty – See who’s giving away free pirate booty on this festive day.

Wondering how Talk Like A Pirate Day be finding its origins? And don’t forget to be given them a like on ye ol’ Facebook.

TripLingo: Pirate Edition by TripLingo, LLC – It’s all about t’ pirate slang for this fun app

Pirate Utility Lite by Pirate Monkeyness – This free app be having it all. It be a translator, an insult generator and a photo booth, arrrr!

a.k.a. – Your Favorite Name Generator by Robert de Jong – Need a great pirate name? Use this free pirate name generator t’ create your perfect pirate name.

Words with Pirates by vukee Games GmbH & Co. KG – Your favorite Scrabble like game has been developed especially for the mateys.

Pirate Adventures Hidden Object Game by Nevosoft – Pirateville be an action packed hidden object game that will excite everyone who loves mestery and pirate romance!

Feel free to leave your favorite Pirate Apps in the comments. Arrrrr, have a happy National Talk Like A Pirate Day, matey!


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