How Not to Leave a Comment

February 18, 2010

As any seasoned blogger knows, comments are the prize we seek for a well written post. Even for a crappy post we hope to get some comments.

There is a right way and a wrong way to leave comments.

The right way to leave a comment is to read the article thoroughly, read the other witty comments so as not to repeat what they have said, contemplate the relevance the article and other comments have to one’s life and then make a concise, well developed, comment in the comment section.

That is the right way to leave a comment.

The wrong way to leave a comment is illustrated beautifully over at Nanny Goats in Panties.

Margaret wrote a piece about her recent trip to Arizona. She wrote waggishly about getting her ass kicked by Tucson. She also mentioned the road runners and cacti in her article.

I could easily identify with this piece because although I have never been to Tucson, Arizona I have seen a road runner and I have seen cacti. I also happen to drive a Hyundai Tucson and I like hot sauce. Writing a comment for this particular post was going to be easy. Or so I thought.

Notice I wrote Tuscan and not Tucson.

Notice also that little button right next to the Reply button, the one that says Edit.

I didn’t notice it yesterday.

I realized my mistake and tried to correct it with another comment.

I spelled it wrong, AGAIN!  And I still haven’t noticed the Edit button.

I should have let it go the first time. Most people would have understood what I meant, but I couldn’t. It was out there and I had to rectify the situation.

I gave it another try.

You will notice that I have acknowledge my mistake. This is important when you have dug yourself in so deep there is no chance at recovery.

You can almost hear me throw my arms up in defeat as I am writing my third and final comment to fix my original comment and the second comment that repeated the first mistake.

Notice the button with Flag on it. Someone should have flagged me and put me out of my misery.

Luckily Margaret is a very gracious blog host and tried her best to calm my growing anxiety over my un take backable comment (because I swear those Edit buttons were not there yesterday).

Margaret uses Disqus so when she responds, in her post, to my fucked up comments, she also sends the response in an email to me.

Notice she addresses me as redheadranting. Margaret knows my real name. I didn’t notice the way she addressed me.

I replied, privately, to Margaret.

Unfortunately I didn’t realize that when I replied in the email that it would get posted to the original thread for all to see.

Margaret knows me, she knows that if she continues to respond to me in emails the correspondence will go on all day long and into next week. She is a bright woman who knows when to say no more.

Thankfully she didn’t respond again.

And that, my friends and fellow bloggers, is how not to leave a comment.

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  • You want to write a guest post for us?? LOL btw…commenting from a blackberry sux rox

  • At least you caught your mistake. I leave typos, misspelled words, and malapropisms all over the blogosphere.
    .-= Tracie´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: A Different Kind Of Elvis =-.

  • I don’t use Road Runner, I like Fed Ex.

    Get it 🙂
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..Thank You Aunt Becky! =-.

  • You are hilerius.
    .-= Kristina P.´s last blog ..A Dose of Hoff Medicine =-.

  • At least you don’t leave link backs to ED sites and try to sell her Cialis……

  • You had me at “tuscan.”
    .-= moooooog35´s last blog ..How to Clamscape Using the Disney Method =-.

  • freaking awesome =)
    .-= megscole64´s last blog ..About Bloody Time =-.

  • OMG! So funny! You brightened up my afternoon!
    .-= AmyLK´s last blog ..Dear Asperger’s Syndrome =-.

  • Maybe you were just craving Italian food.
    .-= Anne´s last blog ..What the Hell… Snow! =-.

  • Bwahahahahaha. I do this type of stuff all. the. time. Bwahahahahaha. Just saying.

    Thanks for the laughs. 🙂
    .-= Comedy Plus´s last blog ..I Can See! =-.

  • i still have several words that i can hear the nuns speaking when i write them out. dessert: “it has two s’s and you can remember that, because wouldn’t you rather have two helpings of dessert, than to have 2 experiences of being standed out in the desert?” what is a 10 year old to day to that.

    i used to hate when i would ask how to spell something and the ans would be, “look it up in the dictionary and that way you will remember it.” i can assure you the next day i was wondering how to spell it again. so whoever thought of that was a wishful thinker.

    thank goodness someone invented spell check.

  • Twos-on what? Ass cacti? Well I never! (Instead of typing a profound and earth-shaking ending to my comment I accidently hit the Submit Comment button and never, ever, ever notice any Edit button. Tonight at 2:15 AM I will sit bolt upright and shout “I WISH I WOULDA TYPED ____________! AH HAHAH HA!” then promptly fall back asleep. In the morning I won’t remember anything but a vague notion that the funniest thing I ever thought up has been forgotten forever.)

  • Funniest post ever! But damned if you didn’t make me pee again! Thanks for sharing your humiliation.
    .-= injaynesworld´s last blog ..injaynesworld it’s "Blast From the Past Day…" =-.

  • But afterwards I do notice Comment Love and make a lame-butt reply so’s I can use it.
    .-= P.L. Frederick´s last blog ..Self-Discovery =-.

  • You crack me up. I think you get an A for trying!!!
    .-= Theta Mom´s last blog ..Thank You =-.

  • I hate days (or posts) like that!! No matter what you do, it just get worse.

    I use my spell-check all the time now because I can’t remember crap. I used to be an excellent speller. I try not to read everyone else’s comments because then I get stuck and end up repeating what they say anyway! It’s a tricky thing, this posting!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting – yes it’s supposedly from the early 60’s. Unbelievable huh? small moan hehehe
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..How to Please Your Husband =-.

  • I can’t type for $hit and I always make errors, but I can spell… figures!
    .-= redkathy´s last blog ..Szechuan Broccoli, Asparagus,and Mushrooms =-.

  • Unfortunately, I understand all this all too well. The other night, (okay, I had 2 glasses of wine) I was leaving a comment using the word “knucklehead”. I simply couldn’t spell the word correctly if my life depended on it. I returned 3 times to try and never once saw a place I could edit my stupidity out. Aww Jeeze Louise!
    .-= Linda Medrano´s last blog ..The Legacy of Big Blond Hair =-.

  • I do believe I have been living under a rock. I had NO IDEA that commenting was so complicated.




    Terrified to press the button!




    Here I go….

    • great tips here i will think about them on my next reply

  • Way to funny. Yep, thank Budweiser, for spel chex. I tried to google dicktonary, do see hows it spelled.

    Keep up the good work, Redhead, Jen, whatever your name is!

    .-= Don E. Chute´s last blog ..OBSERVATIONS FROM A BLOWN FUSE 2.17.2K10 =-.

  • How did I do?
    .-= JAM (Just A Mom)´s last blog ..Sick kitty… =-.

  • Tucson really is a frigged up spelling, isn’t it? 😉
    .-= Andrea´s last blog ..Busy Thursday! =-.

  • I thought I was the only one who went on and one all day leaving comments back n forth. Although some blogs I don’t know how to get a reply when they reply via comment directly … hmm…

    Anyways … I hear you on how to leave a blog comment, but I am not always so good at it, usually I read the post, I mean to leave a good comment but with the lack of sleep I swear my mind is going in 100 directions and well that means not so great comments.

    Hey at least I visit and show my support even if the comment sucks 😉
    .-= Brandy´s last blog ..Happy Valentine’s Day =-.

  • Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Jen- this was hillarious!!!!!!!!

    When I read the title for this post my first thought was-oh crap what did I do?
    .-= Mrsblogalot´s last blog ..The 9 to 5 Lesbian =-.

  • I wonder if there’s a class on commenting. I use disqus and recommend it’s features.

    No matter what the comment system mistakes are made. The texting generation is going to be even worse because (cuz) they spell anyway that pleases them.

    The real lesson here is to take time to read over the comment before hitting submit. The problem with my advice is who has time with so many blogs to comment on?
    .-= lisleman´s last blog ..whatever wednesday =-.

  • Sorry, I can’t leave a witty comment right now. I’m trying to avoid becoming collateral damage. Back to you, John.

  • That’s wonderful. I know how that is too … been there (not Tucson – never been there; I meant the comment circle). You start to get more and more frustrated as you go. Usually in forums though, rather than in blog comments. Thanks for the email update.
    .-= DogsDeserveFreedom´s last blog ..Fun Stuff – A Rose by Any Other Name … =-.

  • I don’t know what to say …

    Ha haaaaa !!!! 🙂
    .-= Speedcat Hollydale´s last blog ..Music Monday & Disco Nights Facebook Party =-.

  • Sorry. I wrote that previous comment before I wrote your post and simply imagine it was about Arizona, one of the most boring places on Earth, but rather than piss of idiots there or in wherever the fuck Tuscany is, I stand by my previous commitment to lunacy while working to bring on the bomb.

    Your buddy,
    Osama bin Laden

  • I feel much better about the typo I sent you on FB. I thought about deleting it but I get the e-mails for comments and figured if you do to, “what’s the use?” Glad I didn’t over-correct. lol
    .-= Shelly´s last blog ..Kevin Smith has Nothing on this Guy =-.

  • Sorry. I submitted my previous comment before I read it and therefore it had numerous spelling and grammar errors and demeaned Aspergies and other sufferers of stupidity disorders. If you didn’t understand what I didn’t intend to say, please disregard this apology. If, on the other hand, you did take offense, fuck you. Take solace in the imaginary reality that God loves you. God doesn’t even love Herself.

    What? What? Sorry, I have to take this. Kids might survive otherwise.

  • I probably do this stuff all the time. The difference between you and me, is that I’m either oblivious to it, or it wouldn’t occur to me to make a post about it.

    You are the smarter red head, I think.

  • Note to self, read Jen’s post first thing as to not have to read 407 comments as to be correct with my comment etiquette. Speaking of which I have a pair of Depends on it’s way to Jayne.

    I so love your posts and it is so obvious I am not in the minority. Your quick wit and lack of spell-checking or should I say not seeing the edit button, (note to self send Jen reading glasses) are so endearing.

    Will be in touch , promise, promise, promise

  • Classic. I do shit like that all the time.

    Tuscan is a nice name for a car. Maybe not a Toyota Tuscan these days…

    I digress.

  • Jen

    Well this will teach me not hit the publish button and then take the boy to the orthodontist. Sorry, I can’t respond to all of these like I normally do.

    It is nice to know I am not the only one who does this kind of thing.

  • Jen

    I did it again.

    That should be NOT TO hit the publish….

    You’d think I could edit the comments on my own blog.

  • I’m a serial lurker who feels compelled to post a comment on a post about comments. This made me LOL and that doesn’t happen often. I must say that at least with comments, you can go back and SEE your mistakes, unlike voice mail, where you have only your memory to rely on. I’ve been haunted for DAYS by messages I’ve blatted out on voice mail, and there’s no going back to try and fix it!

  • On the other hand, the exchange is much more interesting than “Great post!”

    My personal un-favorite.
    .-= The Mother´s last blog ..Helpful Test-Taking Strategies for Parents =-.

  • I think you’re overdue for a trip overseas. These Freudian slips won’t stop until you go.
    .-= wngl´s last blog ..Whackadoodle Wednesday =-.

  • I drive a Tuscon too. BTW I think that it is weird how it is spelled…
    I would like to think that I know how to leave a comment well. However, I think that I could be delusional.
    .-= Stephanie´s last blog ..More Frustration =-.

  • OMG – thank you for the huge laugh today. I should have gone pee before I read it though. I think I need to go check something now… ;o)
    .-= Brenda @ Split Rock Ranch´s last blog ..WW – Mardi Gras Kitty =-.

  • Heaven forbid we make a spelling error in a comment… after all, we pride ourselves on our intellect and strive to demonstrate our witty repartee with our comments. And to not correct our mistakes… the horror! Laughing here, Jen!
    .-= CatLadyLarew´s last blog ..Magpie Tales: The Loving Cup =-.

  • Jen –

    I think we all know what the problem is: (I hope this doesn’t go into spam)
    .-= Sheila Sultani´s last blog ..Doggy Doo-Doo DNA, Fugly Shoes and Owwwww! That Hurts! =-.

  • Jen

    Sheila: That is soooooo fucking funny!

    Can you make one 125X125?

  • I can so relate to this post. I have had several articles on my archaeology site that have comments like “nice post” “well done”. The post is around 500+ words, so I know they hardly read more than two.
    .-= LAUREN´s last blog ..Magnetic Bracelets: The Use of Magnets for Natural Remedies =-.

  • Oh my! That sounds like something I woud do.
    .-= Stephanie@The Blue Zoo´s last blog ..Flying, It’s Not For Everyone =-.

  • Yup. Notice that I spelled would wrong. And not on purpose. Im a dork. =)
    .-= Stephanie@The Blue Zoo´s last blog ..Flying, It’s Not For Everyone =-.

  • Jen

    See? Now you’re all going to start obsessing over it like I do.

  • lol. i may have mispelled a few things in comments along the way…they really need spell check. thanks for the chuckle…graet psot. smiles.
    .-= brian miller´s last blog ..160 – isolation ward =-.

  • My problem is that I mis-read things all the time. I had to read commenter “Just a Mom” ‘s name three times before I saw the word “MOM” instead of “MAN”.

    But many times after I have hit the submit button I regret not saying more (or less) and then I have to look like an idiot and DELETE the comment so you see “comment deleted by author” and then my revised comment. Sometimes I think I should save the originals so I have my “bloopers” and can someday compile them and make a mint on my brilliant coffee-table book.

    (And yes, I was TRYING *ahem* to give an example of how NOT to comment with this comment!)
    .-= MsDarkstar´s last blog ..Second Guessing and Crisis of Confidence =-.

  • That has given me a really good chuckle 🙂 I love those edit buttons. Pity more blogs don’t have them., including mine. I might look into that now.

  • That’s okay. Today in a post I said that Jesus turned wine into water… misspelling Tucson (dang, know I’m all mixed up and don’t know if I spelled it right) is forgivable. =)

  • Diarreah of the mouth is my specialty when it comes to comments, typically off kilter, off topic and in my own world. Its how I roll. This did make me LOL at work today. =)
    .-= peedee´s last blog ..Its the cute things =-.

  • Looks like I’ve got The Jen Disease – I think that link is for the larger size – photobucket is being stupid:
    .-= Sheila Sultani´s last blog ..Doggy Doo-Doo DNA, Fugly Shoes and Owwwww! That Hurts! =-.

  • OMG, I’m in tears, hubby wants to know what’s so funny and I think I may have peed a little. Thanks for the laughs!
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..Farts Rule =-.

  • that was HYSTERICAL! I can actually picture your frustration and throwing your hands up in defeat!
    .-= meleah rebeccah´s last blog ..Doing Things Differently – My Week In Review [Part Two] =-.

  • I’ve seen some comments that your post is so funny it is making them pee in their pants. I’m afraid to. I fear my newly discovered kidney stones are not really small like the doctor says, and it will hurt like hell when they pass. Funny stuff, though, Jen, do you have OCD?
    .-= Dave DeWall´s last blog ..The Surgeon, The Pump Boat, and the Stabbing Victim! =-.

  • Soooo let me get this straight……you saw a REAL roadrunner? or like the blue cartoon one on TV? Beep! Beep!

    I love that one. :-P~
    .-= Angelia Sims´s last blog ..Little Arthur and the Rabbit Hole =-.

  • Where’s the spellcheck button on this thing? Because now me and everyone else here is obsessing over this.

    By the way, I was going to use your real name, but I couldn’t remember if you cared one way or the other and if you chose to use “redheadranting” in your comment, I just used it, too.

    Also? Doctor Faustroll is killing me over here. Wait – did I spell his name right?
    .-= Margaret (Nanny Goats)´s last blog ..Tucson, Arizona is a Big Bully =-.

  • Jen

    Margaret: My spelling wasn’t the issue. I use Firefox and it would have caught a misspelled word but Tuscan is a real word. When they come up with a spell check that reads my mind, and I am sure Google is working on it right now, then this won’t happen anymore.

    And if I had been paying attention I would have realized that the email you sent me was a reply on the blog(automatically forwarded to me) rather than a polite little email to calm me down.

    Dr. Faustroll kills me too but I am afraid to encourage him.

  • Jen

    Margaret: Thanks so much for the Stumble. You rock!

  • hahaha!! Love it!! Great post 😀

    I HATE when I leave a comment with a typo. It’s gotten to the point where I obsess over every damn thing I write, and I read it 3 times over before I hit submit. I’m COCD (Comment Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)!!
    .-= Jenn@ You know… that blog?´s last blog ..25 things about “Us” =-.

  • Jen

    Jenn: COCD should be added to the DSM IV when it gets updated again. I know there are a lot of us out there that have it.

  • Having read your comments at Nanny Goats first, I literally laughed out loud reading this. Thank you for putting a very big smile on my face. My cheeks and sides are sore now.
    .-= Paul´s last blog ..More Birds And A Feeder =-.

  • This is too funny. I debated whether to even reply to this simply because I would probably be coming back here to see if I spelled everything correctly.

    I can tell you how many times I have correct my own entries with spelling and grammatical errors. But at least you can correct those because that’s not always the case with comments! Thank goodness I, and most others I know, don’t get judged based on a few errors in comments or writing. I give them a pass from those who leave comments on my blogs, but it’s funny when they come back realizing they made a mistake. Such is life as a blogger I guess.

    I just hope the self-esteem of all us bloggers won’t suffer after reading this! Thanks for the entertaining post!
    .-= David Funk´s last blog ..Bionic Blogger Starring Stacey Tee =-.

  • Jen

    That should have been WHO not That in my last comment. I can’t stop myself. That was one drilled into my by a college professor, whom I can’t remember name or class but the lesson was learned.

    Paul: Sorry about your sides but I know we all do this and someone had to say something.

    David: I go through my posts days later discovering errors. I’ve found at least four since I published this post and I have debated over at least four others that are borderline mistakes or simply the accepted vernacular. I have issues with commas, I know this. I can let that go, almost.

  • I never leave witty comments, not able to.
    But indeed, Tucson is a gangster city, Tuscany is only for the rich and famous and the Tucan is a ugly bird.
    .-= Hans´s last blog ..Closed =-.

  • Here I go again, leaving a comment wayyyy after everyone else.

    I remember leaving one comment somewhere early on that somehow ended up with not just typos, but words all in the wrong place. Turned out, the ‘home’ key didn’t work in the comment box, so it looked like I was just dropping words at random. I didn’t look at my comment before sending so my comment was completely retarded and it bugged me to no end.

    So yeah, you’re not alone, and this post slayed me!
    .-= mike´s last blog ..No Cure For The Common Teenager =-.

  • I think I have Comment Anxiety now…
    .-= Daisy´s last blog ..Fashion Friday: OlympiCat! =-.

  • Now I’m scared to leave any comment!

    I can barely keep track of all the crap I have to do every day! And now I have to worry about writing something witty and pertinent? Damn!……..

    OK, how’s this?

    I always secretly wished the coyote would catch that freakin’ roadrunner!!!
    .-= One of The Guys´s last blog ..Easy Motivation =-.

  • This is the first time visiting your site! Love this post! You are hilarious! I will be back!

  • I am very good with the typos. I guess my two fingers don’t work so good at times. You are so funny. I love by here everyday. And I guess I will never leave another comment after this one. I have the comment suffering.
    .-= Grampys World´s last blog ..Poor Claudia =-.

  • Hey! I couldn’t find the edit button.
    .-= Grampys World´s last blog ..Poor Claudia =-.

  • Surely you don’t expect me to follow rule 2 and read ALL 73 comments? Perhaps not all of them are witty.

    This is hilarious. I love that you share your mishaps with the world. We’ve all been there. And not all commenting systems have an “edit” button. But they should.
    .-= JD at I Do Things´s last blog ..I Am HOME from the Hospital so you don’t have to be =-.

  • Ane

    Everything funny and witty has been said, and I am left without anything to say at all..

    This is why I don’t comment all that often.. 🙂 I just read silently and laugh at all the funny things you write about.. 🙂 Love your blog! 😀
    .-= Ane´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: Gorilla Hugs* =-.

  • Good lesson. If it’s any consolation, I sometimes forget to check if a comment is only available after approval and have resubmitted a comment several times before waking up. I’m sure that blogger thought I was CRAZY (said in an appropriately sing-song voice)!!!!

    Thanks for stopping my blog yesterday. Based on the terrific chuckle you gave me today, I will absolutely be back.

  • Jen

    Hans: I had no idea Tucson was a gangster city, but then I haven’t been there. I love Tuscany. And I must disagree with you regarding the Tucan, I think they are very pretty birds and I love their cereal.

    Mike: Where is the ‘Home’ key? I don’t have one. Oh, wait, I do. It’s right there by the insert key and page up key and all those other keys I never use. Huh.

    Daisy: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cause anxiety for anyone. And your comments are always witty and your grammar is impeccable, of course you’re a cat so I expect as much.

    One of the Guys: You most certainly don’t need to leave something witty or pertinent (though you did) but something other than “great post, keep it up” is appreciated.

    aplaceforthoughts: Thank you, and thanks for stopping by.

    Grampy: you crack me up. I hope you don’t stop leaving comments. Your comments are much more coherent than mine.

    JD: But they are all witty and not nearly as messed up as mine. Not all commenting systems have and “edit” button, mine doesn’t. But Margaret’s did!

  • Jen

    Ane: There is no pressure to comment, and you don’t have to be witty but often they are and we don’t even know it so by all means leave a comment. Just don’t say “great post, keep doing”. Thanks for stopping by.

    38traci: I do that all the time and then suddenly there are 6 comments all saying the same thing. When that happens I hope the blog host will take pity on me and remove all but one but often I am left as an example to other bloggers. Thank you for stopping by.

  • i would comment on this but now im paranoid…

    or is it paranode…


    crap. wheres your edit button?…
    .-= Nooter´s last blog ..She’s a Beaut! =-.

  • Came for Friday Follow, left very entertained! New follower – can’t wait to read and laugh more 🙂
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..Friday Follow =-.

  • I am laughing so hard I’m crying…

    I dropped by from Friday Follow… Nice to meet you… I’m your newest follower!
    .-= rebecca d´s last blog ..Five Favorites Friday… wanting what I have edition… =-.

  • I am typing this with two souvenirs I snatched during the apology celebration earlier today with Tiger’s Woody at Puta Del Gordo. Did I miss anything?

    Wait. Don’t answer that. I’m still sore.

  • I’m laughing so hard at this. I love mistakes, then mistakes over the mistakes.

    I once had a misunderstanding in someone else’s comment section involving me reading something incorrectly and then possibly admitting to having pooped blood once or twice, when the post topic had nothing to do with that at all. That was awkward.

  • I’ve done that so many times, and then I regroup and think oh shit, I tried and that should count for something..although seems to me like you need to plan a trip to Italy…

    It was fun to watch the events…you did a great job and made me smile..I wish I knew how to do all that stuff on my partner has been adding things and this grandma has got to step up to the tech side of life..

    I really enjoy visiting and getting to know your fun personality.

    Dorothy from grammology
    .-= Dorothy Stahlnecker´s last blog ..Death of an Olympian on Network TV: Too Far? =-.

  • Very, very funny indeed. Have had many of those “Oh crap, can’t delete” moments. Do not know how many times have deleted/rewritten Twitter posts through premature posting (is that a medical condition?). On presence/non-presence of ‘Edit’ button on different days–do you not know that ‘net is out to get you and make you feel paranoid? 🙂 Fact.

    Lucy @

  • That cracked me up haha. I found you through the mom blogs. I’m a MN Mama too!


  • Thank you for sharing your lesson learned. 🙂 My problem when leaving comments, is that I don’t proofread, and then I realize I have a typo as I click on “Submit Comment”. I never notice edit buttons though.
    .-= Flory´s last blog ..Noises Outside My Door =-.

  • Tucson. Toooo-sohn. Sounds Japanese to me. Ah, so.
    .-= Fragrant Liar´s last blog ..Wee Wisdom =-.

  • Oh my gosh. That was too funny! I so would have spelled the name wrong and then tried to correct it and misspell it again. Tucson is a weird name, haha.

    I’m following you from Friday Follow!

  • Oh my gosh, this was hilarious! Couldn’t stop laughing at Tucson not looking like a word anymore (crap, I had to go back up there and check the spelling) and you having to go check the back of your car. What a riot!

    My apologies if I’ve repeated a comment here, but there’s no way I’m reading 88 of ’em!

  • Seriously…I thank God for spell check…
    I bloopered once when I was blogging way to late at night and 2 of my very good friends have the same name…..well needless to say…I did leave each a comment except neither made any sense to them as I switched them around in my mind even before I hit the keyboard.
    And OMG that nasty send button…so I had to with my tail between my legs re-comment (if that is even a word) and LOL my way out of both OOPS’s.

  • Holy cow, you got a lot of comments on this post!
    I didn’t know that was possible to connect the email directly to the post. That is neat or maybe not.
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..1998 Grass Fire =-.

  • That was too f’ing funny!I was watching it unfold over at Nanny Goats, nearly pissed my pants! Good stuff!

    I am paranoid about misspelling words anyway, this little episode has made me double and triple check every comment! I’m a little gun-shy, but I’ll be okay…

  • I can’t leave without joining in on the comments here….that was just tooooo cute and so funny! —- brilliant post!

  • hahahahaha
    .-= Stephanie´s last blog ..Sepia Saturday – Aunt Carol =-.

  • I’m so glad you pointed that out to us. Although I can’t say I’ve ever gone to such extremes to make a point. :o)

  • 🙂 i would have slunk away after the second or third A+ for persistance

  • or should that be persistence..:)

  • That is just way too funny for words – when I saw the post title, I thought it was going to be going in a different direction…but I love the direction you went! And I’m the same way – if I make a mistake in a comment, it bugs me and I have to add a comment right away to correct the mistake. I probably wouldn’t have noticed the edit button, either. And I probably would have replied to the reply not knowing that it was going to post as an additional comment, too. 😉
    .-= Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)´s last blog ..Autographed Copy of “What I Know…” Book Review and Giveaway =-.

  • Hello! I have an aunt who lives in Tucson, her outdoor deck is decorated in Tuscan style, I was struck by the irony…although she’s quite proud of her southwestern taste!

  • BK

    I am using Firefox here too and I am glad that it comes with the spell check. At least that takes care of part of the challenge of leaving a comment. I like those comment form which allows us to edit our comment, especially when we make mistake or want to add in more content, but we have to see it in the first place. 😉
    .-= BK´s last blog ..Learning to Love from Children =-.

  • I’ve done much worse before.
    BTW, I always read the post before making a comment (duh, I guess) but I admit I don’t always go through all of the comments. If I’m focused enough, I may go through the first few, but otherwise, I just want to be saying my piece ASAP.
    .-= Anne Moss´s last blog ..Do You Clean for the Cleaning Lady? =-.

  • This is such a hilarious post! I am a newbie to the blogging world and have been checking out many hundreds over the last weeks.

    Yours will be on my list to watch, read, comment and hopefully not blunder up.

    Oh, and thanks for being a DoFollow site…hope I got mine right, but will see soon enough I suppose. Still can’t figure out that damn avatar thingy though…
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Who Says You Can’t Have a Day Off? =-.

  • Love this post, redhead! I have been getting comments on my blog lately where they feel they need to correct things…wtf???? LOL

    Keep up the great work – I will be back for some more enjoyable reading!

    Hugs, Patty
    .-= Patty Zasloff´s last blog ..Fifteen Natural Ways to Have Healthier Hair =-.

  • Hey, redhead – quick question: how did you get the blogroll to show up? I can’t figure it out for the life of me! Thanks!
    .-= Patty Zasloff´s last blog ..Hernando Juniors are Champions in Silver Division! =-.

  • Figured it out and added you to it! 🙂

    Stop by if you get a chance!
    .-= Patty Zasloff´s last blog ..How to correctly perform CPR on pets =-.

  • Love the life in your Blog found it quite by accident but now its on my see more list
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  • Appaently Phoenix and Tucson are two of the most mis-spelled cities in the US
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  • Once again..I spit out my drink while reading your post. When will I learn??? I sat down all excited to heed your words of wisdom about how NOT to comment. Then I came away laughing my as$ off. Thank you.

    BTW, I am in the process of putting together a post that piggy backs on your “Blogs I Hate” post. I added a link to your post. Don’t want you thinkin I’m bogarting your original thoughts…=)
    .-= MandyP´s last blog .."Not Me" Monday! =-.

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