Bloggers who Blog

October 26, 2016
bloggers who blog

A few weeks ago I asked Facebook if any bloggers were still blogging. I received quite a response from all of you who are still blogging, so I created this Bloggers who Blog list. Feel free to visit all of sites listed here. You may find a new gem! I’ve been making my way, and leaving a comment, on each of the blogs listed. I hope to finish visiting everyone by the end of the week.

Feel free to add your own link to the Bloggers who Blog list by leaving a comment with your URL, I’ll add your website to the list. All I ask is that you visit at least 5 blogs on this list and leave a comment. It’s a great way to create good Blog Karma (really, it’s a thing).

Feel free to share this post with other bloggers who may not have seen the original post.

Bloggers who Blog

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