I just opened a container of guacamole, Yucatan Guacamole to be exact. With a name like Yucatan I expect it to be made south of the border. Possibly near the Yucatan Peninsula.

On the inside of the lid is a little explanation of the guacamole dip. A couple sentences about the finest ingredients and all that. Underneath that is presumably the same few sentences in Spanish. The guac is good, if it wasn’t I wouldn’t have stood there reading the inside of the cap.

It’s been years since I have studied Spanish but I remember a fair amount of it. I can piece together a sentence or two if I have to. I certainly can at least recognize words. The first word of the little blurb in English was Because. In the Spanish translation it was Parce. This really threw me since I remember Because being Por que. As I tried to remember high school Spanish I read a little more of the Spanish translation and realized that it was not Spanish but French!

French? Why the hell would they translate the story of their guacamole into French. French people don’t eat guacamole. Maybe people who are descendants from the French do but people who speak French as their first language do not eat Guacamole. Now if this little half pint container held fish eggs, snails or lizard eyes I can see the logic of translating it to French. Heck it would be wise to have the whole thing written in French since no one who speaks English as a first language is going to touch that shit, but guacamole? It just doesn’t make any sense.

Upon further inspection I noticed that this particular guacamole is a product of Mexico but made in the US. It also happens to be Kosher and has Halal stamped on it but I am not sure what that means. The only thing missing from the label is an idication that it is vegetarian. Maybe they threw some lizard eyes in it for the French

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