As I was leaving the house yesterday I noticed what looked liked dog kibble all over the yard. I have a dog, and a child who likes to feed the dog, so it didn’t seem like an odd thing to see. Except that the kibble was still there and had not been eaten, and that it was placed within animal prints in the same spot each time.

I’m pretty sure this is squirrel poop but since I have never seen squirrel poop before I really don’t know.

I have never noticed this before in my life. I have often wondered where squirrels poop since I’ve never see it on the lawn.

Apparently, if this is squirrel poop, they like to poop in my back yard. It was everywhere once I started looking.

I was actually excited when I found this yesterday. First of all I knew right away I had a post for today, but also because I have often wondered what squirrel poop looks like. I know what rabbit poop looks like, I am very familiar with dog poop, baby poop and even cat poop. I can identify cow poop and horse poop but I have never before seen what squirrel poop looks like.

Am I the only one who has been missing this?


The general consensus, from people who know more about these kinds of things than I do, seems to be that these tracks, and the poop, are made by a rabbit and not a squirrel. I would have to agree. After spending the better part of an hour watching the squirrels in my yard I noticed a couple of things. First off they don’t leave tracks. They little buggers aren’t heavy enough to break through the snow. Secondly they don’t stop to poop.

The mystery remains…where do squirrels poop and what does it look like?

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