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I don’t usually remember my dreams. I know I have them, I majored in psychology in college and learned all about REM sleep and that we enter into several times each night. The thing is I rarely remember my dreams. It seems when I do remember dreams they come in clusters. I go for weeks without a dream, at least it seems that way, and then bam I have tons of dreams that I remember.

Last night I dreamed I was wearing my retainer. You know, the thing you wear in your mouth after the orthodontist takes off your braces. The appliance, as they call it, that costs tons of money to replace every time it gets thrown away with the contents of the lunch tray.

In my dream I could feel the damn thing and was having a difficult time talking to the orthodontist who was showing me her min pin dog who was wearing a green tutu and had some funky high heels on. Also a cape but the cape didn’t match the tutu or shoes so I suggested to the orthodontist that she not allow the dog to wear the cape.

I still have my retainer, somewhere. I come across it every ten years or so and manage to wear if for about a minute before I toss it back in the box I found it in. My son’s orthodontist has told me I should still be wearing it at night, that in fact I should wear it for the rest of my life. I think she must smoke a lot of pot or something.

Anyway, I wonder what kind of bizarre dreams you all have. Do you dream in color? Do you spend a lot of time analyzing your dreams or do you just accept them as brain farts?

*** General Hospital***

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