I registered my five year old for kindergarten on Friday. When we were finished with the process the person who performed the intake gave my daughter a backpack filled with school supplies and other trinkets. My daughter was very pleased with her new backpack.

In this backpack was a pair of safety scissors. Blunt tip but still sharp. I have talked with my daughter many many times about cutting her hair. I have taken her to the hair salon too many times to fix her attempts at hair styling. When I saw that there were scissors I reminded her that we were not going to cut our hair, my hair or Barbie’s hair. She agreed with me and said all she wanted to do was cut pictures out of magazines for her collection. My daughter has a collection of everything: Rocks, dead leaves, lint from the dryer, whatever interests her at the moment.

I agreed and let her have the scissors.

When she was finished with the scissors she put them in her pencil box. This went on for three days and I thought to myself we are past the hair cutting phase.

Tonight as I was talking to my neighbor and petting the big dumb dog I noticed that he has about twenty chunks of hair missing. He isn’t named the big dumb dog for nothing.

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