Ten Blog Post Ideas

Inspiration can strike in a moment and it can leave you just as quickly. If you can’t think of anything to write about, and it’s been too long since your last post, try these tips to get the words flowing again.

  1. Question and Answer: Interview yourself as a child or teenager. Include pictures, one flattering and one embarrassing. See if readers can tell the difference.
  2. Greatest Hits: How about serving up some bloopers, regrets, parenting mistakes, embarrassing moments. If there are too many to choose from, try to limit it to the mistakes you’ve made in the last month.
  3. The Other Side of Heartwarming. Everyone loves a heartwarming story. It might be your job to take a recent heartwarming story from the news and uncover its slimy underbelly, even if you have to make up that slimy side.
  4. Lessons Learned. Write something outrageous like a jaw-dropping report on how you kept your 12-year-old son off video games for two weeks without promising him an iPhone.
  5. Beginner’s Guides. How to dispose of a possibly diseased and creepy dead bird in the yard while calming down your 5-year-old daughter Robin who found it.
  6. Unwilling Expert. How you became an expert at something, and who you can blame.
  7. Write for Non-Bloggers. Explain what it does for you and why you sometimes seem a teeny bit obsessed with it. Your imaginary audience could be your own friends and family who have no clue what you do with a blog or why in the world you want to do it.
  8. Grab Your Camera. Take 10 pictures in one typical day and post the photos on your blog. Looking at things in your daily life through a different lens could give you some creative ideas for new posts.
  9. Explain Yourself. Write a list of 33 things you’ve never told your readers. Your faithful readers already like you–give them some new material.
  10. Take a Whole Day Off. No blogging. Then blog later about what you did that day instead of being chained to the computer.  One day off won’t kill your blog, and it might restore your enthusiasm.
If you have any special methods to defend against writer’s block, please share them in the comments.
About the author: Blog Rehab  is written by Carol Zombo, an editor and proofreader on a mission to rid the blogging world of its overabundance of grammatical errors and misspellings. You can connect with Blog Rehab on Twitter and Facebook.