Huffington Post Sued by Bloggers, Ariana Huffington, AOL, writers file suit against AOL and The Huffington PostI was all set to talk about silly songs that are stuck in my head lately but then this story jumped out at me.

Apparently a blogger and a union activist are suing AOL and The Huffington Post for $100 million because they didn’t pay their freelance writers.

I’ve talked about this on several occasions and firmly believe that these writers who give away their talent, time and skill have hurt all of us who write for a living, however the Huffington Post never held a gun to these freelance writers heads. They, the Huffington Post, allowed these dumbass writers a platform that would get all kinds of exposure on the internet which would surely follow the writer back to their blogs thus increasing their traffic.

“Our bloggers utilize our platform to connect and ensure that their ideas and views are seen by as many people as possible,” spokesman Mario Ruiz said. “It’s the same reason hundreds of people go on TV shows to broadcast their views to as wide an audience as possible.”

It never works out that way. The traffic never follows them back.

I’m sure this will be dismissed, as it should be. I’m no fan of The Huffington Post but they didn’t do anything wrong. If a writer chooses to give away their talent then so be it, there is no law against it. The Huffington Post didn’t steal the content, it was written for them freely. I do think it is a little ironic that a very left leaning internet website would act in such a capitalistic manner.

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