If you read this blog with any regularity you know we have more animals than any home should have. Recently the rabbit passed away followed shortly by the hamster. To make up for that loss we got the kitten from hell to maintain the chaotic balance in the household. The Ruby Doo came from Save a Bull a local rescue group that has worked with Twin Cities Pet Rescue. All these animals might drive me crazy at times and the dog’s insistence of sleeping under the covers is a bit disturbing (though I solved the bigger problem by purchasing black sheets to hide the shedded fur) I love them all and wouldn’t know what to do without them (travel a lot more). If you have room in your home consider adopting one of these animals and if you don’t please consider donating.

Did you know that a full half of all dogs and cats that are given up for adoption in the US are euthanized? That number sounds pretty depressing, but there are a number of positive things families can do for homeless pets this holiday season.

This is a wonderful way to introduce a pet into your home without making it a permanent commitment, while teaching kids about charity, responsibility, and holiday giving. 

  • Foster a Dog or Cat: Animal fosters provide an invaluable service to homeless animals. Instead of sitting in a loud, frightening shelter, animals get the chance to live in a warm and loving home environment. If they are transitioning from puppy mills or abuse situations, a foster home is a necessary step towards rehabilitation.

    Often, the public is unaware that they can choose which type of dog or cat they would like to foster. Fostering can be a fun and meaningful experience for the entire family, and if it doesn’t work out, Twin Cities Pet Rescue is always willing to take the pet back and try to find it a better fit with another family.

    Twin Cities Pet Rescue provides food, supplies and veterinary care to all foster animals, so there is no expense to foster families who open their homes to animals in need. The more fosters available, the more at-risk animals can be saved.

  • Donate To a Rescue: Of course, most Americans give to charity with money, and pet rescues are in need now more than ever. Each cash donation goes to covering spay and neutering services, life-saving veterinary care, and pet food and supplies.

    You can donate directly to rescues online, or participate in fun and educational events, such as Fall Fest for Pets on November 21st, a silent auction and dinner hosted at Summit Brewery by Twin Cities Pet Rescue.
  • Volunteer Your Time and Skills: If you’d like a more hands-on approach to saving homeless animals, pet rescues are always looking for volunteers to help coordinate events, perform home visits, help with nail-clipping or bathing, and several dozen other tasks. The ways you can help are limitless—almost any skill can be applied to helping out pets in need. Get creative with your entire family, do something you love, and save lives.

The need is greater than ever. TCPR has seen a dramatic rise in the homeless pet population the past 5 years.Every pet deserves a warm home. Especially in these hard Minnesota winters.


About Twin Cities Pet Rescue: Founded in 2009, Twin Cities Pet Rescue is a Minnesota nonprofit, foster-based rescue organization. Animals that are rescued by Twin Cities Pet Rescue are placed in foster homes until they find their permanent home. TCPR is a no-kill organization that often takes in ‘un-adoptable’ animals, like senior and special needs animals, to give them a second chance. For more information or to donate directly, visit http://www.tcpetrescue.org/


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