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Tori Spelling has a new book out, I don’t know what it is, I think it might be a childrens book, but I saw it last Monday and forgot many of the details.

I forgot many of the details because, I don’t really care what she does. She is the first of the celebutards who became famous for being famous. Of course she did do a little acting and her father was pretty important in the industry but she isn’t overflowing with any substantial talent that I can see. In fact I was kinda surprised she knew how to write.

She, and her celebrity brethren, make it much more difficult for average Joe writers to get a contract let along get a book published. There are only so many book dollars out there and publishing houses want to get as much return on their investment as possible so they publish this kind of drivel because they know Tori can get some publicity. People like you and me have a much harder time getting publicity so the publishing world isn’t as quick to jump on our bandwagon.

Which is nothing new. I just needed to vent a little.

I’ve had a hell of a cold these last couple days. Yesterday I zoned in front of the tv watching bad B movie after bad B movie. My fever broke last night so today I am going to take a shower and actually put on real clothes.

I’m still here, and I miss all you guys. I was hesitant to put up a post because I feel bad that people are leaving comments on my site and I am not yet visiting sites. I want to but I have just over a week to finish my book and I don’t have time for distraction. I will be back soon though.

I want to thank everyone who has left comments of encouragement and support. They are so helpful. There have been many days when I have considered scrapping the whole thing and then I get a comment of support with a question about my experience and it makes me think maybe this project is worth all the trouble. Thank you all so much for hanging in there with me.

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