Minnesota summer, summer in Minnesota, too hot, this summer sucks, it's not the heat it's the humidity, how to beat the heatIt sucks. Minnesota summers are just too hot. It’s not really fair considering our winters are some of the coldest in the nation. Spring and fall in Minnesota offer about a weekend each of beautiful, mild weather. I’m sick of the heat. I’m sick of running the a/c all day and night, it isn’t right and according to Eating Life Raw there is a reason for my unwillingness to use my a/c. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the fact that I don’t want to use the a/c when it is clearly hot as a fuck, I just can’t seem to justify it like I do my heating. I have to heat the house in the winter to prevent frozen pipes, in the summer nothing will burst if it gets too hot. I also like a few months where I don’t have to sell a kidney to pay my energy bills each month.

bugs on the windshield, bub spooge, We’ve had a lot of rain, in fact my backyard is flooded right now from the thunderstorm we had last night. Once nice thing about all the rain is that the bug spooge on my windshield is now gone and I didn’t have to go through the car wash. Though I should probably do something about the melted crayons, and spilled milkshakes in the back seat. I don’t really mind the rain so much, usually it breaks the heat and gives us relief from the humidity but lately all it does it just make the windows fog up and the paint peel on my deck. I haven’t checked my basement yet but I’m glad I’m not my neighbor who left all four windows of his truck open last night. I expect I will be hearing more than the pounding of the nails today.

dumb things for pets, thundershirt, there is no way my do will wear a thundershirt, Between the thunderstorms, the fireworks and the nail pounding going on at my neighbors, the dog is wreck. He really needs one of those Thunder Shirts but I doubt they would work. I’d be willing to give it a try but for $36 I expect results. He doesn’t seem to respond to a hug and calm words, the bathroom is the only safe place for him in his little mind. I’ve been tripping over him all summer because of the scary noises and it’s beginning to get on my nerves. He is attached to my right leg at all times. He is in need of doggie Valium.I hardly think making him wear a heavy shirt is going to calm him down.

So how is your summer so far?


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