People who refuse to use their blinkers. I can’t read your fucking mind so please use the turn signals that came standard on your vehicle.

People who ride up on my ass while driving on black ice. I don’t know why these people do this but they are usually talking on their cell phone at the time. If I knew they had insurance I would slam on my brakes but I can’t tell by the make of their vehicle or phone if they have it.

Pedestrians who think they own the road. Yeah, I realize the law is in your favor but when it’s really icy out do you think its a good idea to dash out into the street? I have a big ass truck that CAN NOT stop on a dime, especially on ice. The law might favor you but how much good does that do you when you are dead?

Old people own the road during regular business hours. I get that. Do us all a favor and please stay off the road after 5pm. Don’t you have to go to bed by then?

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