I am sure that living in Mulletville makes it difficult to find luxurious soaps such as Happy Goat Soap, and I suspect many of the residents of Mulletville could stand to use some rich goat’s milk soap to smell just a little less mulletlike.

Congratulations Frogmama.

Thanks to everyone for entering!

I am still carb free, or at least reduced. I have had fruits and veggies but I have not had any bread, pasta, chips or any of those bad carbs. I didn’t get on the scale when I started all of this so I don’t know how much I have lost (I hate the scale and stay away from it as much as possible) however, my jeans are much looser and so is my bra, which kinda bothers me.

I’m going to continue this low carb thing into next week. I’d like to say I have made it a way of life but I know if I do I will have to have a pretzel from Aunt Annies so I’m taking it week by week.

Thanks to everyone for all the support it really does make a huge difference to have it.

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