It finally happened, after months and months of agony, the tooth finally let go and fell out.

I’m so proud, I feel as if my daughter just graduated from medical school or passed the bar.

I still can’t believe it actually happened. I was beginning to think the tooth had regrown roots and was forever going to be part of her.

It all happened so unexpectedly too. Daughter was playing on and felt something between her lip and gum. She reached in to see what kind of food was lodged there and pulled out a tooth. Screaming commenced so much so that I was sure the house was on fire and came running in from the backyard ready to call 911.

She was just excited about losing the tooth. She wasn’t frightened. I was even more excited when I learned what had happened and jumped up and down with her in excitement. Our neighbors who had also been waiting in anticipation of the loss of the tooth also celebrated with us by jumping up and down. Neighbors on both sides of the house.

She wants to bring the tooth to show-and-tell on Monday, so the tooth fairy can’t come until next week which is great since we sent a picture of the missing tooth to her father and we have decided that champagne is in order. I’m almost sure the tooth fairy would forget to visit since there will be a huge celebration and many toasts to the lost tooth.

Now that the tooth is out of her mouth and safely placed in a Zip Loc bag she has started wiggling the tooth next to it. It’s loose now.

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