No, I’m not pregnant again.

Sadly, our adorable little Henry died this morning. It was unexpected and it was horribly sad.

Still is.

Henry came into our world a couple of years ago. He was a rescue bunny who had lived on the streets for while but eventually ended up at the Humane Society where we found him. I have no idea what kind of rabbit he was but he had a paw print on his behind that looked like a clue on Blue’s Clues.


They weren’t sure of his age but put him at 2 or 3 years of age. I have no idea how you tell the age of a rabbit because in the years we had him he didn’t look any different.

Henry was a wonderful bunny. He had the softest fur and had a habit of rubbing his chin against everyone. We have many animals in this house and of all of them he had the softest fur. Holding Henry was like a little slice of heaven.

He never came when I called him unless I had blue berries or blueberry Pop Tarts for him. He’d eat the strawberry kind but not with the same enthusiasm he had for the blueberry variety.


Henry was a house bunny and never went out side. We kept in the office in the basement, an area we could secure from the cat and the dog. He had the run of the room because he was litter box trained and never left little surprises for me to clean.

Henry liked to chew on cords and blankets but mostly he liked to sit next to the desk and watch whoever happened to be there.

Henry died unexpectedly in his sleep. He showed no signs of illness and was his normal, hoppy self last night when we said good night to him.

We won’t be getting another rabbit, we still have a hamster, two guinea pigs, a cat and two dogs. No, there will only be one Henry, there is no way we could possibly replace him. His cage has been cleaned and is in the garage, out of sight.

We’ve cried many tears today but I know Henry is in a better place. A place where they have endless blueberry Pop Tarts and and plenty of electrical cords for chewing.

Rest in peace, dear Henry.

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