I have spent the whole weekend baking. I have been so busy baking that I was only able to listen to Armageddon on the TV. Except when I was rolling out the Bourbon Balls, I could do that in front of the television.

I seriously need to get a life. I can recite almost all the dialog for that movie. It’s pathetic really.

My son mentioned this as he was trying to steal the fudge and the cookies. I had to beat him off with a stick.

I am sending out the sample packs tomorrow so everyone who offered to sample the treats and write a post for me should get them by Wednesday at the latest. I’m shipping them priority mail.

If you don’t want to wait you can order your treats now.

They are absolutely wonderful and baked with extra love,  you will not be disappointed. I take no responsibility for holiday weight gain however.

I’m offering several different packages:

A Dozen Cookies

$10 + shipping ($4.80 Priority)


A Dozen Bourbon Balls

$10 + shipping ($4.80 Priority)

Bourbon Balls


A slab of fudge for 12

$10 + shipping ($4.80 Priority)



Mix any two of the above

$20 and free shipping

Mix any Two


Mix any three of the above

$30 and free shipping

Mix any Three

I think I have all the different combinations there but if you want one I missed just choose with or without nuts and let me know which items in the note section.

* I am happy to ship internationally but please contact me first for shipping charges.

I apologize for the layout I was unable to make it sit the way I wanted to and I have no idea how to turn off the ads.

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