The Heart of Christmas DVD

I’m having a very special giveaway. You can win this beautiful story about a little boy and his last Christmas and how a whole town turned out to make it the best one ever.

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The Heart of Christmas is a heartbreaking yet hopeful holiday film about a family faced with losing their child and their quest to give him one last Christmas celebration.

Based on a true story that gained national attention, the film tells the story of Austin and Julie Locke, who are devastated to learn that their young son Dax has been diagnosed with cancer.  With courage, determination and faith they decide to give the boy one last Christmas – even if it has to be in October!  When the community sees their decorations and learns the truth of what’s going on in their home, a truly moving outpouring of care and support occurs that people really need to see to believe. It’s a great relief to know that this kind of thing really occurs in our society today, despite all our problems.

THE HEART OF CHRISTMAS is also a tremendous Christmas film that many families will add to their favorite holiday movie collections. It teaches valuable lessons about life, faith and community and features popular singer/songwriter Matthew West, whose title song received Emmy® nomination.

For more information about this inspiring true story of hope and compassion, visit the Dax Locke Foundation website at:

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