Thanks Trump, you’ve turned my me time into a hellhole of arguments, frustration and irritation. I used to look forward to spending time socializing with my virtual friends on Facebook each night while I unwind with a glass of wine and the dog curled up by my side.

As the days get shorter that time on Facebook was even more important.

But you’ve ruined it by winning the White House. By becoming the President Elect you’ve ruined my chill time.

F*ck you, Donald Trump.

Everyone is freaking out about your win. For the last week all people have been talking about is how scared they are that you won the election. They need a safe space, a place to breathe, a place to protest. They don’t want to share pictures of bunnies, recipes with way too much bacon and no one has reported on what they had for lunch in months.

It’s been days since someone posted a fake Facebook policy meme or someone has asked their friends to give them an Amen. I can’t remember the last time someone asked anyone to copy their status so they know who was actually seeing their post.

Thanks Trump

Since you’ve started putting together your cabinet they’ve gone into overdrive. Reince Priebus as Chief of Staff was acceptable, but Steve Bannon as whatever the hell title you’re thinking of giving him, was not well received.

As of this writing you have not announced anyone one else for your cabinet. That seems to irritate people too. Apparently you’re not appointing people fast enough in this first week since the election. It doesn’t matter than previous president elects took 4 to 6 weeks to put their cabinet together. The conjecture about who you will fill out the remaining spots with is nothing short of stunning.

I don’t know what you can do to shut everyone up short of abdicating your win and letting Hillary Clinton have what is rightfully hers.

Would you consider that?

I only ask because it’s getting more and more difficult to keep my mouth shut. I like these people, they are my friends, but they are going bat shit crazy panicking about what may or may not happen during your presidency. I know, you already addressed a lot of these concerns on 60 Minutes this past Sunday, but people seem to have forgotten already. Or maybe they just don’t believe you?

Could you possibly figure out a way to assure the American people that you will not be setting up concentration camps, that you don’t endorse the hate crimes – real and faked – happening all over America these. Could you explain to people, once again, that you don’t have plans to change the current marriage laws?

I know you’ve already backed off completely destroying Obamacare, that you plan on keeping the good things about the law, so that’s a great start.

If you could just really be clear about what you’re planning on doing that would be great.