The kids get out of school in ten more days.


I am looking forward to not having to nag about homework for a few months and I am also really excited about not having to wake the dead each morning. I’m not looking forward to feeding the children now that they are home all day but I’m getting used to that. I know that after that first blissful week of summer vacation people will start getting bored. I’m not even thinking about that right now.

I’m looking forward to having someone to talk to during the day besides the dog.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Stanley and he never talks back but it seems as if I say the same thing each day.


“Stop following me”

Stop barking”

“Shut up!”

I don’t talk to the cat during the day, she’s too busy sleeping. I talk to the cat at 2am and usually I only say one thing to her:


It’s a simple statement and probably not that nice but when all she does is sleep all day and then meow by my window at 2am, I don’t have much of a vocabulary.

Now that the kids will soon be home I can expand my talking by repeating things such as:

“Put the cat down”

“No, you can’t have another cookie”

“If no one is in the living room why is the TV on?”

“Clean your room if you are bored”

“We can’t go to the mall everyday”

“Bubbles belong outside”

“Stop painting the dog”

“Stop picking on your sister”

“Stop picking on your brother”

“Can’t you two just get along?” (said in my best Rodney King impression)

“I have to work”

“Shut up!”

“I’m on the phone”

“There will be no potion making with my best plastic containers”

“Worms need air and dirt to live”

“No, we can not get a puppy”

On second thought I guess I am not really looking forward to talking to anyone besides the dog.

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