Easy Winter Accessories Organization

I love this easy winter accessories organization hack! In Minnesota we're never sure when winter will start or when it will end, but keeping all the hats, scarves, mittens and gloves out gets sloppy and takes up too much room by the back door. So I created this easy winter accessories organizer and put it where we keep all the boots and coats. Prior to

Easy Winter Accessories Organization2016-10-11T19:27:53-05:00

A Messed Up Week

I don't know if it was the Holiday on Monday or if it is because I have had sick kids but this week is fucked up. I don't have any idea what day it is. Which means I will probably miss the garbage man this week. Where the hell is everyone? No one seems to be online. My stats are way down. Has anyone else

A Messed Up Week2010-01-21T10:39:39-06:00

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