Thoughts on Summer in Minnesota

It sucks. Minnesota summers are just too hot. It's not really fair considering our winters are some of the coldest in the nation. Spring and fall in Minnesota offer about a weekend each of beautiful, mild weather. I'm sick of the heat. I'm sick of running the a/c all day and night, it isn't right and according to Eating Life Raw there is a reason

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I’ve Officially Become A Redneck

Thanks to all the rain we had here in Minnesota, this past weekend, the transition is now complete and I am officially a redneck. That is my back yard. It now has a broken, smelly, Hide-a-Bed couch smack dab in the middle of it. Behind it is a smelly, foul, dirty and wet rug. I realize that I cannot officially lay claim to redneckhood because

I’ve Officially Become A Redneck2010-06-28T21:14:22-05:00

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