Life isn’t Fair

My mother had been telling me that life isn't fair since as far back as I could remember. She'd married a gay man and had a debilitating stroke before she reached the age of 30, so I figured she knew what she was talking about. It didn't really hit home for me until I was in middle school. The Back Story When I was 10

Life isn’t Fair2023-09-27T15:00:32-05:00

Make it Stop!!!!

I am so sick of winter I can't even express myself properly. Last week we had temperatures in the 50s, it was awesome and melted a ton of snow. Here are the before the melting took place pictures Yes, that is dog poop. We had so much snow back in December we had to shovel out a path for the dog. The ladder is there

Make it Stop!!!!2011-02-22T09:29:57-06:00

Car Crash

I just can't seem to get down to blogging more than once a week. As I settle into this new job I should be able to find more time to write more. Yesterday as I was rushing to work I rear ended the car in front of me. I didn't really rear end him but I tapped his bike rack and heard a crack. I

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