I am so sick of winter I can’t even express myself properly. Last week we had temperatures in the 50s, it was awesome and melted a ton of snow.

Here are the before the melting took place pictures

snow, minnesota winter, dog poop in the snowYes, that is dog poop. We had so much snow back in December we had to shovel out a path for the dog. The ladder is there because of the snow drift just beyond that went at least two feet over the fence. The dog walked right out of the yard but because of the drop off on the other side, he could not get back in.

winter in Minnesota, record snow fall in Minnesota 2011There is a birdbath under that snow. It’s at least 3 feet tall, just to give you some idea of how much freaking snow there was.

Minnesota winters suck, record snowfall in Minnesota again

That plant on the left is my lilac bush, just to the right and up a little is my above ground fire pit. Don’t worry if you can’t see it, it’s covered by the snow.

Then last week we had temperatures above freezing. It was glorious and so much of the snow melted. In reality it was just a big fucking tease but for a few days it was wonderful.

after the snow melt, minnesota winters suck

You can see my rhododendrons against the garage and you can see the birdbath.

snow melt, minnesota winters, winter sucks

You can see my fire pit now, something I hadn’t seen since December of 2010.

As you can imagine I was getting all excited about the snow melt. It was pointless because March is one of our snowiest months but it felt good to see some of the snow go away. In fact, by the end of the snow melt I could see grass.

And then this happened on Sunday.

Minnesota winter, February 2011 snowstorm, Winter sucks

You can just see the rhododendron peeking out of the snow.

Feb 2011 snowstorm, winter sucks, minnesota winters

The birdbath is once again covered with snow.

Minnesota winters, winter sucks, I hate winter, winter 2011

I guess I should be thankful, at least the poop is covered up.

We broke all kinds of records for snowfall this year. Apparently we don’t get a whole lot of snow in February so the snowstorm broke the record, and I don’t know what it was. In St. Paul we got 13.5 inches of snow but surrounding suburbs got up to 20 inches. 20 inches in one snowfall! Why the hell do I live here? I have no answer for that very good question. All I know is that this winter makes a holiday in Egypt look really good. So what if there is a little unrest, at least it isn’t snowing there.

Would someone please make it stop?

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