Think The Facebook Data Breach Doesn’t Effect You? Think Again

If you think the Facebook data breach doesn't affect you, think again. Today I got an email solicitation from a company that from the looks of it is like a payday loan service for companies. I get solicitations all the time, but this one was different. This one mentioned the name of a client for whom I provide services. I provide blogging, social media, marketing

Think The Facebook Data Breach Doesn’t Effect You? Think Again2018-04-06T11:39:43-05:00

I Hate Comment Auto Responders!

Image via Wikipedia I can't be the only one. Maybe you don't know what I am talking about. I am talking about when you leave a comment on a blog. Usually when you leave a comment the blogger will respond to your comment in the comment section. If they have Disqus or some other threaded commenting plugin you will get an email with the reply

I Hate Comment Auto Responders!2010-08-19T11:45:39-05:00

I Hate Spam

Not the Hormel product, which may or may not be made with meat, but the crap that people leave in my comment sections on old posts. Since I moved my blog I get more SPAM than I ever dreamed possible. I never had SPAM when I was on Blogger. I have 2675 SPAM comments. I have deleted most of them but they are crafty little

I Hate Spam2009-11-12T19:07:05-06:00

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