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I can’t be the only one.

Maybe you don’t know what I am talking about. I am talking about when you leave a comment on a blog. Usually when you leave a comment the blogger will respond to your comment in the comment section. If they have Disqus or some other threaded commenting plugin you will get an email with the reply to your comment. Often the blogger will then visit your blog and leave a comment on your recent post. That is the way it has worked for as long as I have been blogging. It’s organized and courteous.

Not anymore.

Lately when I have left a comment I get an email from the blogger thanking me for my comment. That’s it. Just a “thank you for leaving a comment on my site”. No acknowledgment that they read the comment, agreed or disagreed with the comment, just that they got it and they are appreciative.

That’s all fine and dandy, I am glad you appreciate it but you know what? I don’t need more email. You don’t need to thank me for leaving a comment. That’s what we do, we leave comments.

However, we leave comments because we have something to add to your post and would like some response to our well thought out comment.

(If you need to learn how to leave a comment, or really how not to leave a comment, you can read the rules here)

I understand that a lot of bloggers don’t return comments. I don’t really understand it, why the hell are you blogging if you don’t return comments?  I’ve also seen notes on blogs stating they only reply to comments on their own blog. I don’t get that either. If you aren’t willing to visit people what is the point? But this is different. This is refusing to reply to the comment and filling the commenters email up with more junk. That’s worse than spam.

I’m sure these emails were supposed to be helpful. Polite even. But they aren’t. They are annoying. Don’t send me an email about my comment unless you have something to say about the comment I left. A thank you is nice but if it means more email for me to wade through I would rather not have it.

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