The Trouble With The Democrats

The trouble with the Democrats is - where to begin? Ugh, the biggest trouble the Democrats have is Bernie. As I stated when I wrote my post about the trouble with the Republicans, I am no political expert, I watch and listen to the talking heads, I read the paper (online) and I try my best to get both sides of the argument and I

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The Aftermath of the Republican National Convention

The convention is over and everyone has gone home. The protesters have moved on to another cause, except for the ones who haven't gotten bailed out of jail yet. The streets are opening and the streets have been cleaned. All in all the place looks pretty good. Someone dropped a lipstick outside of the Xcel Center but other than that Downtown St. Paul is open

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RNC Hotties

My local paper is looking for RNC Hotties. I would love to include a link but the Pioneer Press doesn't have anything about the hottie search on its general webpage. On its e-edition, where one can look at the actual paper online, one must have a subscription. I have one but cannot seem to create a valid username and password. I love this paper and

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Update on the Republican National Convention

I just received a letter today from the Office of Special Press Credentials. They wanted my address and phone number since they are going to be making a decision about the press credentials in the next few weeks. I gave them all this info when I applied a couple of months ago. So I think this is a good sign that they are asking again.I

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The Republicans are Coming!

My city is hosting the Republican National Convention September 1-4. I am so excited about this. St. Paul really needs the convention. Downtown St. Paul is pretty much a ghost town at night. Unless you are going to the Ordway or a hockey game there isn't much to do here. An ordinance was recently pass that allows bars to stay open until 4am for the

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