The trouble with the Democrats is – where to begin? Ugh, the biggest trouble the Democrats have is Bernie. As I stated when I wrote my post about the trouble with the Republicans, I am no political expert, I watch and listen to the talking heads, I read the paper (online) and I try my best to get both sides of the argument and I fact check whenever I think something is BS (which is pretty much all of the time).

The Trouble With The Democrats

Bernie Sanders

Yes, Bernie is a problem – to the establishment, and Hillary Clinton. In fact he is so much of a problem that the DNC scheduled as few debates as possible and aired them at the worst possible time so few people would actually watch. When Bernie started kicking Hillary’s ass in the polls they scheduled more debates because they benefitted Hillary Clinton. Bernie is a problem for many reason – he’s attracting a huge crowd of millennials (a great voting bloc if they actually show up to vote) who have been rabid social media users in his favor. Think Reddit or even 4chan going after Hillary supporters. They’ve co-opted social media to shame people into voting for Bernie. If it weren’t for the Super Delegates, it might actually work.

My son wants me to consider giving my vote to Bernie, and I promised I would pay more attention to him. My biggest beef with Bernie, besides him being a socialist, is that he wants to make college free. I’ve spent the better part of the last two years fighting the public school system over the silliest thing like making sure my child feels safe at her school. The public schools in my district are horrible places. Even the best public schools are still woefully lacking in actually educating our young. Common Core is just one example of the failure of the public school system. I don’t want to see that happen to our colleges and universities. Kids who manage to make it out of the public school system and get into a good college deserve a quality education. I don’t believe that can be had free of cost. Bernie doesn’t seem interested in fixing the rising cost of college (not unlike fixing the health insurance part of the health care crisis). He just wants to give away degrees.

I understand why millennials would be swayed by this sort of thing, and I probably would have when I was that age. But, with a recent college grad in the family I know you have to have some skin in the game to appreciate the value of that education.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is the other really big problem the Democrats have right now. She’s an incredibly skilled politicians and there is no doubt in my mind that she is extremely qualified to be president. She is such a good politician that no one believes she is the least bit trustworthy. And let’s face it, she isn’t. She’s got so many scandals swirling around her campaign it’s not even funny. There’s Bengazi, the lost/missing/deleted emails (and FBI investigation), there’s Whitewater and there’s Bill.

I love Bill Clinton, he’s the most charming president in my lifetime, but he’s a cad. And Hillary stood by her cad even when she said she wasn’t standing by him.

The thing, is she vilified the women who accused her husband of all kinds of unsavory acts and now she’s riding high on the feminist vote. She didn’t leave her cheating husband, she stood by him and attacked his accusers. If that’s what a feminist is then I’m glad I’m not one.

It Doesn’t Matter

To the left none of this matters. It’s Hillary’s turn and by golly the left will do everything in their power to get her into the oval office.