Fix the Damn Potholes!!

The snow has been gone for a few weeks. Okay, it's been gone for a few weeks if you don't count the few inches we got last weekend after we had three days of near 90°F weather. Typical Minnesota spring, the sky is not falling, don't panic. I've seen it snow here in May. The weather is weird here, which is why we have such

Fix the Damn Potholes!!2023-04-20T14:04:33-05:00

Alpha, Delta, Omicron, Oh My!

I've had it with Covid 19. This has been going on for nearly two years now. I can recall at the tail end of 2019 reading an obscure article about a pneumonia in China that was not getting better with antibiotics. I took notice because my father had warned me every time I was prescribed an antibiotic to "be sure to take it all because

Alpha, Delta, Omicron, Oh My!2021-12-16T13:50:43-06:00

Thanks President Trump

Thanks President Trump. Because of you, I've successfully tuned out. Since 9/11 I've been plugged into the news. It's either been on in the background or I've checked multiple sites throughout the day to see what's going on. I read all the news sites, and spent a fair amount of time on opinion pieces. I clicked on the fake news and the click bait and

Thanks President Trump2017-04-03T16:28:54-05:00

The Upside of a Trump Presidency

I know everyone is upset about Trump becoming our 45th president. I get it. The upside of a Trump presidency is actually many things believe it or not. Sure, he says a lot of stupid things and he doesn't appear to know what he's doing, it's scary, I really do get it. But think about all that has happened since he was sworn in the past

The Upside of a Trump Presidency2017-02-20T20:12:14-06:00

The Anticipation is Killing Me!

The anticipation is killing me. I'm not even sure that's the right word, but I simply can't wait much longer to find out who will win this election. Sure, I'm almost 100% certain it will be Hillary Clinton, but by the way the internet is acting (and her surrogates and the media are overreacting) one might get the impression the race is a lot closer than

The Anticipation is Killing Me!2016-10-05T15:09:36-05:00

I’m Not Pissed Off Enough

I know I need to update my blog more often and I have 3M Postit Notes all over my monitors with ideas for posts (I'm from Minnesota so we have to say "3M Postit Notes" instead of "sticky notes" like the rest of the world. It's like how we say Duck, Duck, Grey Duck instead of Duck, Duck, Goose or how we call pop pop

I’m Not Pissed Off Enough2015-03-08T14:45:06-05:00

This is What’s Wrong With Politics

I received this email this morning. Subject: ..... Name: Maximillian Steel Email: Message: You are a mindless automaton who has the audacity to call others lemmings when you support the epitome of lemmings, the GOP. So I assume you are a rich person if you are voting for the rich man's party, If not than your even dumber than I expected. It must be hard

This is What’s Wrong With Politics2012-10-23T09:52:50-05:00

Election 2012 Words and Phrases I Never Want to Hear Again

I can't wait until the 2012 election is over. Now don't get me wrong, I've loved all the name calling and bickering on Newsvine and have even participated in a smackdown or two, for that the election has been entertaining. And really, isn't politics like sports now? It's not as if either of the candidates will actually accomplish anything anymore. I'm looking forward to the

Election 2012 Words and Phrases I Never Want to Hear Again2012-09-09T12:38:40-05:00

Freedom According to Thomas Jefferson and me

I'm no political wiz but today was a sad day. I don't begin to judge the wisdom of the Supreme Court, from what I have heard they did what they should have done. My issue is that our freedom and liberty is slowly being chipped away by our own government. Never a good thing. I would love to have affordable health care for everyone but

Freedom According to Thomas Jefferson and me2012-06-28T12:31:32-05:00

The Real Reason the 80’s Rocked

I miss the 80s. I miss feeling good about my country. I'm still proud to be American, I still proudly fly my flag, but I'm one of the few. As I see these kids protesting in Downtown Minneapolis, and across the country, I wonder what makes them proud. Most of the people who are occupying Wall Street, or any of the other financial districts around

The Real Reason the 80’s Rocked2011-10-16T16:08:06-05:00

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