National Pancake Day and Free Pancakes at IHOP!

We're a waffle kind of family but that's only because my kitchen is so small there is no place to put a pancake griddle. A waffle iron is much smaller and easier to store. Not today, today we are going to get our Pancake on. Today is National Pancake Day and you can celebrate by going to IHOP and getting some free pancakes. IHOP has

National Pancake Day and Free Pancakes at IHOP!2012-02-28T07:29:31-06:00

Donate Your Car To Help Kids

Not too long ago I wrote a post about the size of the box that was used to ship an item that was no bigger than a quarter. I mentioned that because I was a Republican I didn't get into the whole green movement, it was a tongue-in-cheek comment as you can see by reading the comments on that article. In the comments

Donate Your Car To Help Kids2011-02-09T12:15:26-06:00

Almost Wordless

As everyone knows it has been really cold lately. So cold that the daughter has been sleeping in my room because her room is just too cold. It's warmer now, so it's just a bad habit we are going to have to break. When I went into my room to go to sleep last night, this is what I found. **** On a

Almost Wordless2010-01-13T07:21:28-06:00

Cans For Comments

A fellow Minnesota blogger is holding a charity event over on her blog. For every comment Jessica's post receives between now and November 30th she will donate 2 oz of baby formula to the food bank or battered women's shelter. This is a great idea so please stop over at The Bormann Twins and leave a comment.

Cans For Comments2009-11-21T16:24:38-06:00

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