On Trump and Golden Showers

Here are my thoughts on Trump and Golden Showers, but first I should mention I did not bother to read the Buzzfeed article, the dossier that was apparently handed over from John McCain to the FBI or maybe it was the CIA or possible the NSA, TSA, FCC, JCC or AARP, and I didn't see any of the press conference Donald Trump gave today, either. I

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Let’s Get Back To Work America

Tomorrow night President Obama will address the American people and a joint session of Congress. He is going to present his jobs plan to the American people and the politicos on both sides of the aisle. Why are we looking for the President to make a speech about jobs? Why are we waiting for him to create more jobs or at the very least, create

Let’s Get Back To Work America2021-09-11T10:33:55-05:00

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