Richard Jewell Review

I was invited to a prescreening of the new movie Richard Jewell. Unfortunately circumstances arose and I wasn't able to see it. However, a friend who went to it has been kind enough to share her thoughts on the movie. If you're in the Twin Cities and would like to be invited to these free movie reviews subscribe to my newsletter and you'll get invited

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Should You See the Lion King Remake?

Disney has been teasing us with the Lion King remake for months now. It's got a stellar cast including Beyoncé, Seth Rogan, James Earl Jones, Donald Glover, and John Oliver just to name a few, but is it worth seeing the Lion King Remake? Lion King Remake Review I was invited to see an early screening of the movie, and was excited to see it.

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Should You See Toy Story 4?

If you're wondering if you should see Toy Story 4, you're probably like me and think the series has run its course. You're kids are probably past the age of animated movies - except for nostalgia sake - so the franchise is no longer a slam dunk for you. That's how I felt when I was invited to view Toy Story 4 for review. I

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