I was invited to a prescreening of the new movie Richard Jewell. Unfortunately circumstances arose and I wasn’t able to see it. However, a friend who went to it has been kind enough to share her thoughts on the movie. If you’re in the Twin Cities and would like to be invited to these free movie reviews subscribe to my newsletter and you’ll get invited to some great flicks. Just this past week I’ve been able to share tickets to Jumanji, Richard Jewell and this weekend Spies in Disguise. Click on the link to reserve your seats.

Molly’s Review of Richard Jewell

Richard Jewell,is based on the 1996 Atlanta Olympic bombing about the security guard who found the bomb and was then later accused, and exonerated. I was not expecting much from the movie initially, and was pleasantly surprised on how the character development pulled me into the story. Paul Walter Hauser created a character that was socially awkward and yet likable, similar to the real Richard Jewell. Kathy Bates as his mother developed a believable character, whose display of emotions was captivating. Sam Rockwell as Richard Jewell’s lawyer, Watson Bryant had an articulate dialogue, and had quick quips that kept the story moving and fresh. If you do not get caught up on some historical inaccuracies and just follow the plot and characters you will enjoy the movie as thoroughly as I did. This is defiantly worth a second viewing.