You Know You’re Parenting Right When Your Child Threatens Emancipation

I don't care much for either Kellyanne Conway or her husband George, but I have to give them both props for parenting. Clearly they are doing something right if their daughter, Claudia Conway, hates both of them. Claudia Conway has been outspoken about both of her parents and their jobs. She is quite active on TikTok and Twitter and claims her parents have abused her.

You Know You’re Parenting Right When Your Child Threatens Emancipation2020-08-24T14:55:04-05:00

What I Learned on My Facebook Vacation

Recently I took a little break from social media, and this is what I learned on my Facebook Vacation. I needed a break from social media, but mostly I needed to get off of Facebook. Facebook is where I do most of my socializing.  Don't judge, you probably do too, or maybe you're fond of Pinterest, or you hang out with the folks on Instagram.

What I Learned on My Facebook Vacation2017-02-02T21:33:10-06:00

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