What’s Happened To The Today Show?

I watch The Today Show every morning, it's my little way to find out what is going on in the world without having to watch a full blown news station like CNN. Before my coffee I can't handle real news but I can watch Matt and Anne do stories about Photoshop Fail or funny autocorrect. I've even seen them do a story about a man with a duckface but that

What’s Happened To The Today Show?2012-05-30T10:16:15-05:00

Is Justin Bieber Trying To Pump Up His Image?

This weekend the news sites and channels were all abuzz with the story that Justin Bieber had assaulted a photographer. According to all the serious news sources today Justin is an international fugitive because he is Canadian or something. I'm not really sure why he is an international fugitive but if he is it certainly gives him a bit more street cred, doesn't

Is Justin Bieber Trying To Pump Up His Image?2012-05-29T14:10:35-05:00

And They Called It Puppy Love

I refuse to talk about Tiger Woods, the Masters or his cheating. I will say this however, the editors of Vanity Fair should be ashamed of themselves. I know they want to sell magazines, something few of us buy anymore, but don't they even for a minute, consider Tiger Woods' wife Elin or their children? I think not. Moving on. Do you know who this

And They Called It Puppy Love2010-04-05T10:44:36-05:00

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