Top Five Worst Mother’s Day Gifts EVER!!

Mother's Day is just around the corner so I thought it would helpful to all you people with moms if I gave a quick rundown of what not to get her for that day in honor of her. I'm not talking about macaroni necklaces or hand made cards, those are cherished gifts which moms always love. If you are giving her those things you aren't

Top Five Worst Mother’s Day Gifts EVER!!2014-05-07T09:44:31-05:00

I’m Gonna Call Him Lefty

My son broke his wrist.  Three weeks ago. We just got back from the orthopedist's office today. How does anyone wait three weeks to get a broken wrist looked at you ask? When he broke his wrist I tried to get him to go to the ER to have his wrist looked at. The boy refused. When he was little it was easy to just

I’m Gonna Call Him Lefty2010-04-12T15:18:48-05:00

Abby Annette

Today would have been my daughter's 18th birthday.  Not the little one who keeps me on my toes, but my first born daughter, Abby Annette. I was going to write a post like this last year, but my son totaled my car four hours after getting his drivers license and I ended up posting about that. You can read it here if you want. Abby

Abby Annette2023-12-14T22:09:03-06:00

Boyfriend or Blog?

Since Lola jumped back into the dating world I have been thinking about finding a mate for myself. It's been a fleeting thought, here and there, throughout the years since my divorce. I have dated but no one seriously. There seemed to be all kinds of good reasons not to get involved with anyone. My divorce took two years and it brought out the worst

Boyfriend or Blog?2010-03-10T09:56:47-06:00

But He Really Is Dead

My father died three years ago. I know he died because I was in the hospital room with him as he died. I was at the funeral and even arranged for his ashes to be contained in a Mason Jar. My father loved canning vegetables and had amassed quiet a few cases of the jars. He was also cheap and so it seemed like the

But He Really Is Dead2010-02-24T10:02:20-06:00

Got Junk?

I do. Every drawer in my house is a junk drawer. Okay, maybe not all of them, the dressers are pretty well organized with socks and underwear in one drawer, shirts in another and pants in still another, but all of the drawers in the communal areas of the house are junk drawers. It was my goal over the holiday break to go through these

Got Junk?2010-01-08T11:29:05-06:00

Annual Bitch about the Cold Post

It is too damn cold outside. It is also too damn cold inside. I can't turn the heat on enough to make it feel warm in my house. The air temperature might say 68 degrees but without any moisture in the air it still feels really cold. For the past several days I wake up and my whole body is sore. It's sore because I

Annual Bitch about the Cold Post2010-01-04T10:51:30-06:00

Michael Jackson Faked His Own Death

Before I get into today's post I think it is important for all of us to tip our hats to Billy Mays, the Oxy Clean guy. If it weren't for him I would have never gotten those poop stains out of the carpet when my dog had Parvo and I would still be wearing spit up on my left shoulder. In honor of Billy Mays,

Michael Jackson Faked His Own Death2009-06-29T07:39:00-05:00

The Cabin

Our cabin in is western Wisconsin, right over the boarder north of the Twin Cities. We've had the cabin since the early 70's and have remodeled it a couple of times from a simple cabin to a house that is considerably larger and nicer than my own. Since my father died a few years ago we haven't gone up as much as we should so

The Cabin2009-05-27T11:49:00-05:00

I Had a Great Mother’s Day

I hope all you mothers out there had a lovely Mother's Day. I had a pretty good one. Not only did my kids actually get me cards but they each got me a gift. I got two tear jerker cards from each kid, I suspect neither of them read them because my kids are not all that sentimental and the little one can't read. My

I Had a Great Mother’s Day2009-05-11T08:20:00-05:00

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