One Month Orangetheory Fitness Update

It's been one month since I did a free class at Orangetheory Fitness and subsequently signed up. I've been going twice a week for four weeks and feeling pretty good about it. At 54 I have all the aches and pains of people thirty years older than me. I recently had wrist surgery so that mucks things up a bit too. Mostly, at 54 I'm

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If You Freelance You Need to be Fit to Enjoy Success

The more you exercise, the more fit you become. The more fit you become, the more you earn as a freelancer. Browse more Health infographics.  

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How To Get In Shape Fast

As many of you know I am hosting a blog conference this summer (If you want to come and meet everyone too you can!). I am really excited about meeting everyone in real life, all these bloggers are people I feel a kinship with, they are like family and I can't wait to see them face to face. But then I stop and think about

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