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As many of you know I am hosting a blog conference this summer (If you want to come and meet everyone too you can!). I am really excited about meeting everyone in real life, all these bloggers are people I feel a kinship with, they are like family and I can’t wait to see them face to face.

But then I stop and think about Kathy’s recent post about how her picture on her blog doesn’t exactly look like the real life Kathy anymore. Mine doesn’t either. It’s not that far off but blogging for the last four years has made my ass spread a little more than I would like to admit, even though I have blogged about, FB’d the details and tried all kinds of crazy ass diets before. Nothing has worked. But I refuse to give up because, dammit, I am going to look like my header if it kills me.

The worst part about me, aside from my not a size 4 ass, is that I sit all day and therefore I don’t use my abs. I’d love to have a set of abs like P!nk but that would mean I would have to do all kinds of crazy things like sit ups and stuff. I don’t want to do sit ups because you have to do them on the floor and I have pets and most recently had a bunny, I don’t want to sit on my floor let alone do a sit up on it.

I could join the gym like Kathy did but I work from home so that would mean I would have to actually make a point to leave the house to go and work out. Since I don’t have to go to work outside the house the likelihood of me going to the gym is pretty slim. I’ve thought about it, a lot. I’ve even gone to several local fitness centers and taken them up on their trial offers. I would have even joined if I wasn’t assaulted (approached for an upsell) every time I walked in the door to work out. Nope, I have to do this at home, on my own time and in my own way.

I know that sounds like Charlie Sheen talking but really, I can handle this, I don’t have a problem. I can work out any time I want.


No, instead (and because I have a few months) I am going to try some ab workouts the easy way. I’m going to do sit ups in my desk chair, maybe in bed, and possibly while standing up by simply flexing what is left of my abdominals after both pregnancies left them more like Kirstie than P!nk.

On second thought (because I have been Googling for images of abdominals and came up with all kinds of horrid pictures of flabby abs) I am going to take this seriously and get on my floor and start doing those sit ups. Seems to me there was a work out program designed for sit ups where you do one sit up each day and then add another sit up each day you do it, so on the first day you did one sit up, the next day 2 and so on until by the end of the month you are doing 30 sit ups. Seems to me you are supposed to do this for 100 days. I could do that. I could do one extra sit up each day. I think.

And I could tape that image of Mario onto my fridge and my bathroom mirror so that I was forced (yeah, like it would be hard to look at that several times a day) to look at each morning and whenever I want a snack. If that doesn’t prevent me from eating mindlessly and force me to do some work outs, I don’t know what will.

What works for you? Do you do sit ups? How many can you do? Do you do them on your floor or do you go to a gym and use a machine? Isn’t Mario Lopez hot?

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